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First there was just one. Hi- I'm Beverly!

Want to know a little bit more about your cake lady? Here is what you need to know about me. I created Tasty Bakery so people would be able to get the cake of their dreams and have it look just as good as it tastes. For the past 5 years being in business, I am proud to say this is the most used quote when reading reviews of my work- “The cake was beautiful and tasted even better!!” Decorating cakes has very easily become my passion. The prettier the cake, the happier it makes me, so of course I naturally gravitated toward wedding cakes because, well, they’re ALWAYS pretty.

Meet the team


Here is some professional background information about myself,  I graduated Westmoreland Community College in May of 2013 with my associates degree in baking and pastries, but my love for cakes started three years prior. I have worked at some very well known bakeries around pittsburgh, and they have all taught me many things I need to know about the business. It has been nine years since I started making my own cakes and I couldn't be happier! My pink kitchen aid mixer is still going strong- thankful for her.

When I am not covered in sugar and flour, you’ll find me at home with my husband Kevin, and our three English bulldogs- Oscar , Winston, and Gump. Yes I have to clean my floors about twice a week from all their drool, and yes it is totally worth it.  I try and match everything about my life to the color of my hair- lavender. I am sick of eating cake, but I eat sweets every. single. day. I prefer dark chocolate, the darker the better. White chocolate isn’t chocolate, I’m sorry. I’ve recently become addicted to coffee since owning a business, and it’s bad. My favorite animal is an Ostrich (besides a bulldog) but since Llamas are so trendy right now I have lowered my standards.

It used to be only myself taking the orders, baking the orders, decorating the cakes, and delivering EVERYTHING. I had no life, so I finally came to the realization I couldn’t do everything by myself anymore- SOO without further ado, meet the rest of Team Tasty !


Amanda can do it all. She’s the main gal behind all the orders being placed. My second hand for wedding cake consultations, and she can deliver a cake ANYWHERE with the most confidence. We all need more people like Amanda in our lives! She’s also a full time momma, which is why we are so SO blessed to have her as a part of our team.

FUN FACT: If you didn’t already know, Amanda’s favorite color is glitter (seriously, anything glitter) and she is without a doubt addicted to reality TV. It’s okay Amanda, at least you’re taking a break from TikTok.


Tessa is what we like to call our “star baker'“ although she didn’t have a ton of background on baking at first, she is in full swing these days! Tessa can have 8 things in the oven, 4 mixers running, and will have timers for every single one to make sure they are never burnt or over mixed. She takes great pride in her work, and we are so thankful she is such a staple on our team!

FUN FACT: We couldn’t figure out at first why Tessa couldn’t scoop a cupcake, turns out being left handed is a handicap indeed (as she would say).

Tessa’s favorite dessert to bake is a chocolate chip cookie, and her least favorite item to bake is a macaron- LOL who can blame her though? They're complicated AF.

Catch Up With us on Instagram @TastyBakeryPA